Visit the new Snail on the Wall

I’m pleased to announce that the new Snail on the Wall is open and ready for readers! Here’s what I ask of you, my loyal followers and fellow book lovers:

  1. Click here to visit The Snail on the Wall’s new book blog.
  2. On the new website, enter your e-mail in the “Get SNAIL MAIL” box at the right side of the homepage. (Rather than getting an e-mail every time there’s a new post, you’ll get a monthly newsletter featuring the top articles from the past few weeks.)
  3. Take a tour of some of The Snail’s new features, including Book Club Guides for your book club.
  4. Spread the Snail news to other readers. The Snail on the Wall is on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

[NOTE: This may be the very last e-mail you receive from The Snail—unless you sign up for Snail Mail on the new website.]

Thanks for continuing to follow The Snail on the Wall. I’m looking forward to many more reading adventures together.

— Lady

2 comments on “Visit the new Snail on the Wall

  1. Robart, Kay says:

    I tried to do Step 1, but there is no button and pressing Enter does not make the field accept my email address.

  2. says:

    Hi, Lady. What a site!! I’m impressed.



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